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Map service

GISFile is a map service, which gives users the ability to create their own maps fast, fill and exchange layers of maps with other users. The service allows to import data, create and update objects with the help of the Web-editor. GISFile has REST API and Java Script API for displaying maps, searching spatial information, editing objects and getting objects in GeoJson, Json, Kml and CSV formats.

The service allows to use the tiles of raster layers and generate tiles of vector layers automatically for displaying them on the map in a web page or application.

Customers can use the algorithms for the construction of heat and yield maps. It is possible to perform spatial analysis to any selected field of layer. The service provides the opportunity to collect raster and vector data as well as publish the maps on the website.

✔ fast create and publish maps;
✔ support the raster and vector layers;
✔ REST API and Java Script API.

Fast creation

The service gives the opportunity to create the maps quickly, search the readymade maps created by other users, setup the public and private access to their own data as well as display and edit the maps using the Web editor.

The GISFile supports vector and raster layers. The import of spatial data exists to vector layers in the SHP, KML, CSV formats. The upload of spatial images to raster layers is possible to the TIF, JPG, SID files. The service creates the tiles automatically for fast using in Web solutions.

The Web editor has fallowing tools: calculate distance, perimeter, area of the figure and get your place on the map. GISFile provides the possibility of selection and displacement the group of objects as well as bind snapping to the points and the lines during the creation and editing objects.

✔ layers for map;
✔ import spatial data;
✔ map editor.

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Easy publishing

Using maps in external Web pages and applications becomes even easier with the help of the developed JavaScript API. Description of the features is available on the page JavaScript API. Create a map with a label or a layer a few clicks using the Map Designer. JavaScript API allows to display a map on your web page by adding just one line of code.

Designer allows to create a label on the map quickly with the specified type of icons and custom text to be displayed when clicking on the icon and get JavaScript code map without saving the code on the GISFile.

We help our clients solve spatial tasks. Our team helps integrate maps in web pages and applications. Design of maps and API for all registered users is free.

✔ publish the map;
✔ integration with GISFile;
✔ REST API and JavaScript API;
✔ map designer.

Public map

GISFile service provides access to the public map for display and search objects with using different base layers (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Bing Maps). In addition to base layers can be displayed additional layers (topography, soils, files, Wiki Map) on the public map.

You can download and display data from the exchange file for visual inspection. Use the tool "ruler" to measure distances and areas.

Using public map you can find your location on the map and get directions from one location to another with the ability to add waypoints.

✔ cadastral map, topography, soils, heopunkty;
✔ visual inspection of exchange files XML IN4;
✔ search of objects on the map by address, cadastral number and IP;
✔ measure distances and areas on the map;
✔ determine your location and get car route;
✔ display files GPX, KMZ, KML, GeoJSON, CSV

Open public map

Find professionals

Users can find professionals for creation maps with the help of GISFile. Work and career are available on GISFile. Anyone can post information about the job, to specify timing, type, cost of payment and choose the executor. All vacancies related with GIS, cartography, surveying, digitizing and Web development. Customers can find professionals in the field of GIS.

Performers can make the career offering themselves or company. Users have the access to the list of all vacancies, their jobs and proposals for performing these works.

Also, the authors of the spatial information have the ability to include the information about the costs of the purchase the layer cards and their cost of use for a period of time.

✔ sale and rent the maps;
✔ find developers;
✔ increase professional career.


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