Sergey Shelkovnikov · Mar 30, 2017 11:12:27 AM · Like It 0 · Comment 0 List

The support for dates and days to the display options was added. This allows to fill backgraund of polygons for dates or days. The number of days is calculated automatically relative to the current date. For example, such a mapping mechanism will be useful for allocating lands with a rental end date. To use this algorithm, you need a field with a date field in the layer. If you select this field, the "Display format" (date or days) and "Date format" (date mask) will be displayed in the "Display settings" window. The date mask can be empty (by default or you can specify it manually using dd (day), mm (month), yyyy (year) and delimiters ".", "-", "/".

Allocating lands by the end date of the lease

Using the dates and days in the map