Sergey Shelkovnikov · Dec 1, 2015 11:17:26 AM · Like It 0 · Comment 0 List

The new update for displaying the exchange files of cadastral information on the page "Map" has been added. Now files in IN4 formats are supported too. Districts, sectors, lands and the direction of neighboring areas for files are displayed on the map in the In4 format. All descriptors, which describe a block of information are displayes when you click on the polygon. Moreover, we have improved the projection, which allows to more accurately display areas on the cadastral map as well as perform a visual inspection of the overlay. The mode of selection and displaying the file group has been included in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.Video instruction for displaying the layer with the cadastral map and file loading is available at

Checking of imposing the exchange IN4 files

Video instruction of loading the exchange files