21-12-2016 17:33:43 Vector tiles

GISFile supports the vector tiles, working on the principle of loading map tiles. Using this method is justified when displaying maps with lots of objects, as well as to display the downloaded cache of vector tiles in json, zip, kml, kmz formats. We have developed several JavaScript API libraries that connected with layers and maps, and can be used in yours solutions.

gisfile.box.js - L.GisFileBox library to display a map of objects in a zip format (json)
gisfile.json.js - L.GisFileJson library to display layers in json and zip formats (json)
gisfile.kml.js - L.GisFileKml library to display layer in kml, kmz formats

All libraries are available under the BSD license for free.

07-12-2016 12:12:08 Print reports

We have developed the possibility to create templates and print reports online. Simply open a map, click on an object and press the button "Print". After this will be open the list of your downloaded report templates. There you can create a new template, upload an existing one, edit and print the document. All parameters of the selected object and objects below it are available in the reports and can be used with variables and formulas.

09-11-2016 18:08:21 Interagro - 2016

8-11 November 2016 in Kyiv hosted an international exhibition of agricultural technology and equipment "Interagro - 2016". The exhibition presented the latest developments and innovations in global and national engineering for agriculture, farm equipment for repair and service, precision farming technology, equipment and technology for agriculture and forestry, agricultural chemistry.

04-11-2016 12:22:37 The map with the 1C report

Our customers asked for create a tool to generate maps based on an existing layer with geometry and XLS table. So we have made an universal tool to generate maps using external data (Example). Making of maps runs out of window with layer information, such as odpai layer. The table loaded in the file list and can be used to make the map later. The map shows the found objects, poperties panel and the ability to print the map.

24-10-2016 17:23:38 Integration with PostGIS

Especially for those who want to display data from its own database, without the need for duplication of data to the cloud-based solution, we have designed layer "SQL table". With this possibility, you can connect your database table to the GISFile layer and get API access to spatial data via GISFile. Thus, no need to synchronize data or deploying the map server. GISFile provides the publication of your data in Web applications and solutions. Users can setup the list of fields and database connection with help of SQL query. There is support of PostGIS (PostgreSQL) database and will also be added support of MySQL and MS SQL Server.

04-10-2016 15:30:30 Mapillary photos

We have added new layer with photos Mapillary on the public map of GISFile. The map shows places of shooting from Mapillary. If you move the cursor there displays the available photos. Also we have added the base layer of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery.

03-09-2016 15:12:12 GISFile public map

The video and description to demonstrate the possibilities of GISFile public map has prepared. That information helps to switch basemaps, public layers, search of objects on the map by the address, cadastral number and IP address, measure distances and areas on the map, a visual check of the exchange of files (XML, IN4), display the files (KMZ, KML, GeoJSON, GPX, CSV) and the determination of the optimal route. Cadastral map

10-06-2016 15:43:34 The map of quest excursions

Our team has created an widget of interactive map for web site http://to.lviv.ua/ of tourist quest routes in Lviv. Interactive map provides the ability to display the entire route as well as its part. The user opens the track of the route as it passes. You can display the user's location on a map, description and pictures of the destination. The map supports multi-language interface. Tracks tourist routes creates and edits by the administrator of the resource in GISFile.

07-06-2016 15:44:35 Exhibition AGRO-2016

We presented our new Web project PreAgri.com for precion agriculture at XXVIII International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2016" in Kiev 8h-11h June 2016. This service allows to communicate with field equipment, makes prescription maps and monitors their implementation.

02-06-2016 15:21:43 Map Solutions Conference

We participated at conference «Map Solutions» in Kiev 4h july 2016. Our team presented "Techniques of accelerate download and view interactive maps with an array of vector data of 100 thousand objects, and more." Also have presented their development and specialists Yandex, CartoDB, MAPS.ME, Osm and buzzstreets. In the course of the event we were able to share best practices and discuss innovations in the field of navigation services and technologies.