17-07-2017 17:37:08 Images on the map

We have added a new view of the "Images" layer (objects type "Tile", tiles type "Images") to connect coordinated images (png and jpg) up to 10Mb. Such a mechanism allows you to display images on the map immediately after downloading, without having to build tiles. Note that with png, jpg files, you need to upload and pngw, jpgw or wld files that contain the image coordinates in the WGS 84. So you can add images with soil sampling analysis data, yield, NDVI, etc. In additional, you can attach a legend with information about the image that will be displayed on the map.

22-05-2017 12:13:35 GISTECH · UA 2017 - VII International Conference

18 May 2017 we demonstrated the main features of GISFile as a social mapping service for the creation, exchange and publication of maps at GISTECH.UA-2017. This opportunity was provided by TVIS company, which for the seventh year in a row organizes an international business forum "New technologies of GIS and remote sensing in Ukraine" (GISTECH.UA).

06-04-2017 10:01:22 Images and links in popup window

The support for images and links in the popup window, which is displayed when clicking on objects was developed. We added new attribute "Image" (link to the image) in properties of layer to do it. Also there is paramter "Url", which will be used as a link for a page when clicking on the image. If there are fill only parameter "Url" in the layer, a button with the specified link will be displayed. To increase performance, we recommend using links of image uploaded to http://gisfile.com/files.htm

30-03-2017 11:12:27 Allocating lands by the end date of the lease

The support for dates and days to the display options was added. This allows to fill backgraund of polygons for dates or days. The number of days is calculated automatically relative to the current date. For example, such a mapping mechanism will be useful for allocating lands with a rental end date. To use this algorithm, you need a field with a date field in the layer. If you select this field, the "Display format" (date or days) and "Date format" (date mask) will be displayed in the "Display settings" window. The date mask can be empty (by default dd.mm.yyyy) or you can specify it manually using dd (day), mm (month), yyyy (year) and delimiters ".", "-", "/".

10-03-2017 12:31:45 The conference dedicated the Day of Land Surveyor of Ukraine

11 Match 2017 we participated at conference dedicated the Day of Land Surveyor of Ukraine. Those present were able to get acquainted with the possibilities of GISFile and get consultations on the creation of interactive maps.

22-02-2017 13:02:33 GISFile at GIS-Forum 2017

22-24 February 2016 in Kharkov hosted GIS forum. GISFile was partner's of forum.

21-12-2016 17:33:43 Vector tiles

GISFile supports the vector tiles, working on the principle of loading map tiles. Using this method is justified when displaying maps with lots of objects, as well as to display the downloaded cache of vector tiles in json, zip, kml, kmz formats. We have developed several JavaScript API libraries that connected with layers and maps, and can be used in yours solutions.gisfile.box.js - L.GisFileBox library to display a map of objects in a zip format (json)gisfile.json.js - L.GisFileJson library to display layers in json and zip formats (json)gisfile.kml.js - L.GisFileKml library to display layer in kml, kmz formatsAll libraries are available under the BSD license for free.

07-12-2016 12:12:08 Print reports

We have developed the possibility to create templates and print reports online. Simply open a map, click on an object and press the button "Print". After this will be open the list of your downloaded report templates. There you can create a new template, upload an existing one, edit and print the document. All parameters of the selected object and objects below it are available in the reports and can be used with variables and formulas.

09-11-2016 18:08:21 Interagro - 2016

8-11 November 2016 in Kyiv hosted an international exhibition of agricultural technology and equipment "Interagro - 2016". The exhibition presented the latest developments and innovations in global and national engineering for agriculture, farm equipment for repair and service, precision farming technology, equipment and technology for agriculture and forestry, agricultural chemistry.

04-11-2016 12:22:37 The map with the 1C report

Our customers asked for create a tool to generate maps based on an existing layer with geometry and XLS table. So we have made an universal tool to generate maps using external data (Example). Making of maps runs out of window with layer information, such as odpai layer. The table loaded in the file list and can be used to make the map later. The map shows the found objects, poperties panel and the ability to print the map.