Consider the process of connecting the GPS tracker of Ukrainian enterpriser Elgato to the service GISFile.

Installation SIM cards

Keep in mind! Prepare the SIM card before the connecting of GPS tracker. We recommend you to turn off the PIN-code request and the reception of advertising messages before the connecting of GPS tracker. Check the availability of money on the card balance. If the possibility of using the GPRS services is disable send the USSD request to GSM operator for activation the GPRS service (Example: Mobile operator in Ukraine МТС has a free USSD request *109*212#).

Firstly, you need to unscrew two screws, remove the cover and get the analog board where the regarded device is assembled. Press the small yellow button (on the right in the picture) in order to put forward the "pocket" for SIM cards. Secondly, paste the SIM card and close the slide out "pocket". Finally, assemble the device and tighten the screws.

Connecting the SIM card

The connection of power supply

It is necessary to connect the power supply to the device from the onboard network direct current for voltage of 8 to 32 volts. GPS tracker contains the built-in Li-Ion battery which allows to work in the standalone mode up to 4 hours. The recharging of the battery is making automatically from the onboard network.

The exit assignment of basic connector (the counting starts on the part with the light diodes):
1 – «+» the onboard power (9…36 V);
2 – «-» the onboard power (GND);
3 – the discrete input ALARM 1 (up to 24 V);
4 – the discrete input ALARM 2 (up to 24 V);
5 – the control output OUT1 (open collector – up to 25 V);
6 – the control output OUT2 (open collector – up to 25 V);
7 – measuring input IN1 (up to 24 V);
8 – measuring input IN2 (up to 24 V);
9 ,10 – for industrial control – not to use;
11 ,12 – the bridge, which connect internal battery.

Have in view: During the connection to the onboard network directly at the points of connection to the power supply necessary (!) use the fuses (0,125…0,5А) for protection from circuiting of lead wires between themselves or on the case. Failure to do so will cause a fire!

The setting up of GPS tracker

With the help of your mobile phone send SMS message (command) "Number1 xxxxxxxxxxхх" and/or "Number2 xxxxxxxxxxхх" (a maximum of 14 digits!) on the phone number of SIM card which is installed in the device. The symbols xxxxxxxxxxхх are the phone number which will receive the alarm messages in further(in the device memory numbers 1-3 are saved in the international format +xxхххххххххх).

After this, configure the GPRS connection to the service GISFile. Send a format command "Gprs:6100$$internet$$$5$", where the port, IPAPN (Example about the Ukrainian operators: for MTC – internet, Kyivstar -, user name, password and the format of the transmitted data GPS (0 – GPRMS, 5 – format TR151) to the network GPRS.

Examples of messages

Transmission by GPRS (protocol TP-151):

Format string $GPRMC (coordinates):

$GPRMC              prefix
101710.887         time 10:17:10
A                       A-coordinates are defined (V-are not defined)
6001.3460          60 degrees 01.3460 minute of latitude
N                      N-north S-south
03025.4851        30 degrees 25.4851 minutes of longitude
E                      E-east W-west
0.838                speed (miles per hour)
113.57              course of relatively direction to the north
310106               date