We are disabled public use of the cadastral map and other maps. All accounts created from the territory of Russia and Belarus are blocked. New user registration is disabled.

31-05-2019 1:59:14 PM Geoinformation system "Open Access"

ShelS Company has developed a geoinformation system with interactive maps: "Water Resources", "Atmospheric Air" and "EcoFinance" ordered by the public organization "Open Society Foundation" for the project "Open Access". The system allows you to monitor the environment and conduct anti-corruption investigations. The developed solution can be integrated into the future nationwide automated system "Open Environment".

24-04-2019 5:31:41 PM System Solutions REST API

The GISFILE team has developed the System Solutions REST API for tracking equipment with an RTK signal and obtaining movement routes.

16-02-2019 12:21:34 PM The map of Ukraine

GISFILE and MAPGEOSYSTEM teams have made a stylized map of Ukraine. We used vector layers by MAPGEOSYSTEM to make the map. The map is available for use on gisfile.com

18-10-2018 5:51:46 PM Job at GISFile.com

All involved in GIS technology or develop interactive maps will be useful GISFile platform designed for efficient search of developers. The list of jobs is constantly updated. Perhaps someone will be interested in such work. By selecting a job, you can offer yourself as a developer.

17-09-2018 5:06:03 PM Bind images

The layer editor has the ability to load and coordinate images in jpeg, png and svg formats up to 50MB in size. Supports the ability to download multiple images, offset, rotate, zoom, import and export in geojson format. There is a possibility of changing the transparency, moving the image above and below to other layers. Such an opportunity will allow to do vectorization/digitization of small images fastly.

22-08-2018 5:55:56 PM More than 10K users

More than 10 thousand registered users use GISFile system. This year the public map is supplemented with new layers. Work is underway to localize the layers on the public map. Users could select a country and see local layers.

17-07-2017 5:37:08 PM Images on the map

We have added a new view of the "Images" layer (objects type "Tile", tiles type "Images") to connect coordinated images (png and jpg) up to 10Mb. Such a mechanism allows you to display images on the map immediately after downloading, without having to build tiles. Note that with png, jpg files, you need to upload and pngw, jpgw or wld files that contain the image coordinates in the WGS 84. So you can add images with soil sampling analysis data, yield, NDVI, etc. In additional, you can attach a legend with information about the image that will be displayed on the map.

22-05-2017 12:13:35 PM GISTECH · UA 2017 - VII International Conference

18 May 2017 we demonstrated the main features of GISFile as a social mapping service for the creation, exchange and publication of maps at GISTECH.UA-2017. This opportunity was provided by TVIS company, which for the seventh year in a row organizes an international business forum "New technologies of GIS and remote sensing in Ukraine" (GISTECH.UA).

06-04-2017 10:01:22 AM Images and links in popup window

The support for images and links in the popup window, which is displayed when clicking on objects was developed. We added new attribute "Image" (link to the image) in properties of layer to do it. Also there is paramter "Url", which will be used as a link for a page when clicking on the image. If there are fill only parameter "Url" in the layer, a button with the specified link will be displayed. To increase performance, we recommend using links of image uploaded to http://gisfile.com/files.htm

30-03-2017 11:12:27 AM Allocating lands by the end date of the lease

The support for dates and days to the display options was added. This allows to fill backgraund of polygons for dates or days. The number of days is calculated automatically relative to the current date. For example, such a mapping mechanism will be useful for allocating lands with a rental end date. To use this algorithm, you need a field with a date field in the layer. If you select this field, the "Display format" (date or days) and "Date format" (date mask) will be displayed in the "Display settings" window. The date mask can be empty (by default dd.mm.yyyy) or you can specify it manually using dd (day), mm (month), yyyy (year) and delimiters ".", "-", "/".

10-03-2017 12:31:45 PM The conference dedicated the Day of Land Surveyor of Ukraine

11 Match 2017 we participated at conference dedicated the Day of Land Surveyor of Ukraine. Those present were able to get acquainted with the possibilities of GISFile and get consultations on the creation of interactive maps.

22-02-2017 1:02:33 PM GISFile at GIS-Forum 2017

22-24 February 2016 in Kharkov hosted GIS forum. GISFile was partner's of forum.

21-12-2016 5:33:43 PM Vector tiles

GISFile supports the vector tiles, working on the principle of loading map tiles. Using this method is justified when displaying maps with lots of objects, as well as to display the downloaded cache of vector tiles in json, zip, kml, kmz formats. We have developed several JavaScript API libraries that connected with layers and maps, and can be used in yours solutions.gisfile.box.js - L.GisFileBox library to display a map of objects in a zip format (json)gisfile.json.js - L.GisFileJson library to display layers in json and zip formats (json)gisfile.kml.js - L.GisFileKml library to display layer in kml, kmz formatsAll libraries are available under the BSD license for free.

07-12-2016 12:12:08 PM Print reports

We have developed the possibility to create templates and print reports online. Simply open a map, click on an object and press the button "Print". After this will be open the list of your downloaded report templates. There you can create a new template, upload an existing one, edit and print the document. All parameters of the selected object and objects below it are available in the reports and can be used with variables and formulas.

09-11-2016 6:08:21 PM Interagro - 2016

8-11 November 2016 in Kyiv hosted an international exhibition of agricultural technology and equipment "Interagro - 2016". The exhibition presented the latest developments and innovations in global and national engineering for agriculture, farm equipment for repair and service, precision farming technology, equipment and technology for agriculture and forestry, agricultural chemistry.

04-11-2016 12:22:37 PM The map with the 1C report

Our customers asked for create a tool to generate maps based on an existing layer with geometry and XLS table. So we have made an universal tool to generate maps using external data (Example). Making of maps runs out of window with layer information, such as odpai layer. The table loaded in the file list and can be used to make the map later. The map shows the found objects, poperties panel and the ability to print the map.

24-10-2016 5:23:38 PM Integration with PostGIS

Especially for those who want to display data from its own database, without the need for duplication of data to the cloud-based solution, we have designed layer "SQL table". With this possibility, you can connect your database table to the GISFile layer and get API access to spatial data via GISFile. Thus, no need to synchronize data or deploying the map server. GISFile provides the publication of your data in Web applications and solutions. Users can setup the list of fields and database connection with help of SQL query. There is support of PostGIS (PostgreSQL) database and will also be added support of MySQL and MS SQL Server.

04-10-2016 3:30:30 PM Mapillary photos

We have added new layer with photos Mapillary on the public map of GISFile. The map shows places of shooting from Mapillary. If you move the cursor there displays the available photos. Also we have added the base layer of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery.

03-09-2016 3:12:12 PM GISFile public map

The video and description to demonstrate the possibilities of GISFile public map has prepared. That information helps to switch basemaps, public layers, search of objects on the map by the address, cadastral number and IP address, measure distances and areas on the map, a visual check of the exchange of files (XML, IN4), display the files (KMZ, KML, GeoJSON, GPX, CSV) and the determination of the optimal route. Cadastral map

10-06-2016 3:43:34 PM The map of quest excursions

Our team has created an widget of interactive map for web site http://to.lviv.ua/ of tourist quest routes in Lviv. Interactive map provides the ability to display the entire route as well as its part. The user opens the track of the route as it passes. You can display the user's location on a map, description and pictures of the destination. The map supports multi-language interface. Tracks tourist routes creates and edits by the administrator of the resource in GISFile.

07-06-2016 3:44:35 AM Exhibition AGRO-2016

We presented our new Web project PreAgri.com for precision agriculture at XXVIII International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2016" in Kiev 8h-11h June 2016. This service allows to communicate with field equipment, makes prescription maps and monitors their implementation.

02-06-2016 3:21:43 PM Map Solutions Conference

We participated at conference «Map Solutions» in Kiev 4h july 2016. Our team presented "Techniques of accelerate download and view interactive maps with an array of vector data of 100 thousand objects, and more." Also have presented their development and specialists Yandex, CartoDB, MAPS.ME, Osm and buzzstreets. In the course of the event we were able to share best practices and discuss innovations in the field of navigation services and technologies.

19-05-2016 3:31:03 PM Leading technology of precision agriculture

The new technologies of precision agriculture involve the use of agricultural enterprises not only modern equipment, performing a differential application of seed, fertilizer and yield mapping, and software products and services that allow you to analyze the collected data and generate jobs for the field equipment. Existing services and software usually perform part of agricultural tasks or they work in local mode. Online mapping service PreAgri enables real-time monitoring of equipment, generate statistical information in real time about the actual consumption of seeds, fertilizers and volume of harvested crop.

18-05-2016 3:10:44 PM Remote sensing

We have developed new layer type "Remote sensing" to display terrain and ndvi maps. Such layer allows upload map in TIF format or archive with BIL files of digital evaluation model or normalized difference vegetation index. The user can select color schime, change transparency, minimum and maximum value on the map with help of that type of layer. That data are base to analize productivity of agricultural lands, forests and other lands.

13-05-2016 10:49:54 AM Communication with field equipment

Online exchange data with the field equipment via the Raven Web service Slingshot has developed. This possibility allows to receive and analyze data from field equipment to GISFile service. The system allows to display the movement of equipment, calculate the actual processing area, the amount of seed material, fertilizers and the harvested crop. Also users can to overlay the spatial data with maps of previous years, agrochemical and NDVI maps.

25-04-2016 3:03:30 PM Layer with photos

We have developed a new type of layer "Image" that allows you to upload and display pictures on the map. When you upload a file or group the GISFile reads attribute tags in the photos, and then automatically create points and set a date of shooting for photos. Instead images can be connected, and other files (video, documents, etc.), but in this case need to manually specify the location on the map. The settings file can be filled with additional information (description). Layer "image" can be added to a map where we can select the type of icon.

15-04-2016 9:52:27 AM Your layers on the public map

Who want to view their spatial data on the map, GISFile has developed the ability to specify which of your maps will be opened by default. For example, you create a layer with the map. Next you should to create a map and select the parameter "Showing the project on maps". Then add your layer on a map and specify the options of displaying (styles and colors). There we can select the parameters of displaying labels for any fields of layer.

14-04-2016 12:28:02 PM Unmanned survey

A lot of people are interested in the possibility of the use and application of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for shooting photos and videos. The result are materials that can be used for the construction of orthophotos, 3D models, the DEM and NDVI maps, terrain, etc. The orthophoto maps are more accurate than other counterparts, and most importantly - these materials do not require a long wait, as the satellite shooting, and for local areas are much cheaper than other analogs. GISFile together with their partners help to process your photos and video data. The photo materials are used for construction of orthophotos, DEM and NDVI maps and 3D models. Video with the GPS data can be imported into a map of GPS monitoring with the possibility of fixing places in the video.

12-04-2016 3:13:51 PM Express viewer - 10 times faster

New type of layer "Express viewer" has developed. It improves of loading process and displaying objects in 10 times. This type of layer to display objects on the map quickly. GISFile allows downloading objects to layer in standard json and zip format. On the page of layer has added the buttons to displaying of seed maps, yield maps and soil maps.

11-03-2016 12:34:02 PM OpenSource project for GPS navigation

GISFile together with professionals launches Open Source GPS project under the MIT license. GPS Server is based on Node.js technology. GPS project contains server and client modules. The server supports GPS equipment of manufacturers such as BiTrek, Teltonika and GlobalSat. It is planned to connect equipment of manufacturers BCE, Elgato Ukr and Queclink. This technology allows more than one million public sessions and dynamic display of moving objects in real time on the map. The mobile application will be added for monitoring of moving objects and mobile devices.

09-03-2016 12:54:51 PM Agricultural analysis

Analysing of effective seeding, fertilization and harvest is available with help of systems and the service for precision agriculture. GISFile supports data from field equipment to monitoring and making of tasks. On-line analysis of data provides a selection of any fields and a color scheme that brings out the efficiency of work performance and the ability to timely responses to achieve maximum results.

02-03-2016 10:28:40 AM The map of agrochemical survey

The online map of soil sampling for agrochemical survey of polygonal objects was added. The making of charts and shading the elementary objects is performed online. The selection of ground samples such as K2O, Mg, P2O5, pH, Ca, N and S are available on the map.

06-02-2016 3:20:00 PM The map of soil sampling

The video of the displaying maps for agrochemical soil sampling. The algorithm analyzes the values for selected indicators land samples (examples: K2O, Mg, P2O5, pH). GISFile builds the tiles of graphic image, chart and JSON survey with characteristics of analysis. The access to the data of soil sampling analysis can be used in external Web solutions and applications.

03-02-2016 2:10:00 PM The video presentation of GISFile

The video presentation of GISFile at the open GIS users meeting.

03-02-2016 1:30:00 PM The national geodetic network of Ukraine

We have added the layer of national geodetic network of Ukraine.

02-02-2016 4:40:00 PM Free mapping service

GISFile is a free mapping service with an open source code. The service is free and for non-commercial and commercial use but the commercial use is limited by plans. We build open source parts our work under the BSD license on GitHub.

01-02-2016 11:53:00 AM Open GIS users meeting

GISFile was presented at the event "Open GIS users meeting" in the January 30, 2016 - Kiev. The concept and the main features of the map service for rapid creation of GEO-spatial solutions were epresented.

22-01-2016 2:50:00 PM Cadastral and terrain maps

GISFile has changed of getting information on cadastral map, displaying the cadastral map in big scales added some extra of innovation. The cadastral map will be automatically shows in the unavailable scales. The relief layer is also displayed in all scales. The support of KMZ files and displaying of the information blocks for the cadastral files in XML format has been added.

20-01-2016 4:19:00 PM Loading of objects layer dynamically

The JavaScript JSONP and description for dynamic loading of objects has developed. Discussed earlier JavaScript methods allows to upload and display objects only after loading all or parts of the layer with a filter. The JSONP algorithm has been created for increase the speed of loading and simplifies the development of external web solutions. The http://gisfile.com/js/leaflet.gisfile.js script allows the downloading of all objects asynchronously, displaying of objects in scales, loading of objects only for visible map area and for a given group of objects with help of identifiers. This JavaScript also allows connect the logic to set the object styles, popup windows and labels.The JSONP description Example

11-01-2016 4:53:00 PM The terrain layer

GISFile created the terrain layer with a step of 5 meters and the possibility of getting the altitude value for any point on the basis of SRTM data (Shuttle radar topographic mission). The ability of displaying layer's "Relief" and getting the altitude value in the window "Map" has been added. The layer "Relief" displayed on scale from 10 to 14 temporarily. The relief layer is possible with help of URL mask http://gisfile.com/layer/relief/{z}/{x}/{y}.png in the external applications. Receive the altitude value in JSON format is available using the GET request http://gisfile.com/layer/relief/alt?lon=Longitude&lat=Latitude

01-12-2015 11:17:26 AM Checking of imposing the exchange IN4 files

The new update for displaying the exchange files of cadastral information on the page "Map" has been added. Now files in IN4 formats are supported too. Districts, sectors, lands and the direction of neighboring areas for files are displayed on the map in the In4 format. All descriptors, which describe a block of information are displayes when you click on the polygon. Moreover, we have improved the projection, which allows to more accurately display areas on the cadastral map as well as perform a visual inspection of the overlay. The mode of selection and displaying the file group has been included in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.Video instruction for displaying the layer with the cadastral map and file loading is available at http://gisfile.com/video/admin/validxml.webm

18-11-2015 11:54:27 AM Сhecking of overlaying the exchange files

The ability of loading and displaying the exchange files of cadastral XML information and files in the GPX, KML and SWR formats has been developed in the window "Map". For visual checking of overlaying the exchange files of cadastral XML information just click "Load local files". The import of data from the exchanging XML file is also available in the layers editor.

03-11-2015 11:17:20 AM Integration with Raven and Trimble

GISFile has expanded the list of formats for import and export data for agricultural companies. The integration of GISFile service with Raven and Trimble equipment, which are designed for precision agriculture namely accurate fertilizer and chemicals, planting and monitoring of productivity has been designed. Presently, the transfer of data is possible from the device to the service for further analysis and vice versa for sending data from the service on the device. The import of data occurs in the shp format, which is supported by equipment. The ability of auto-convert polygon features and execution the export of points and the routes of movement in the shp file is added for receiving the point and linear data about the movement of the tractor with equipment. Furthermore, spatial data about the objects can also be saved in Kml, GeoJson, Json and Csv files.

22-09-2015 3:26:26 PM Intergeo 2015

14-17 September 2015 in Stuttgart was the largest in Europe international exhibition and conference Intergeo 2015 in the field of achievements of geodesy, Geoinformatics and land management, which is covered more than 16 000 participants from more than 80 countries around the world. At the exhibition the leading specialists and developers of the industry represented the main directions of the rapidly growing GEODATA market which is influencing important decisions in the area of politics, social and economic issues. The problems of using natural resources, environmental monitoring, transport management and spatial planning can be solved only in case of using topical geodata. The range of exhibits encompassed all aspects of surveying, remote sensing, photogrammetry.The project GISFile was successfully represented at the exhibition together with the companies of MapGeoSystem and Bitrek. MapGeoSystem performs works on vectorization, makes the video with the help of drones and samples of soil for agricultural enterprises. Bitrek is the developer of GPS trackers, sensors and access control systems. Together we have presented an integrated approach of capturing video with GPS and displaying the information on the GISFile service.The participation in the exhibition allowed not only familiarize with the latest technologies and show their development, but also establish contacts with future partners and clients and learn more about the major developments in geodesy and related industries. The interest of exhibitors to our project gives us the incentive to new developments and the improvement of already existing projects.

01-09-2015 6:14:05 PM The introducing of GISFile in the exhibition

On 14-17 of September 2015 our team is going to participate in the exhibition of innovations in the field of GIS technology "Intergeo" in Stuttgart (German) and represent GISFile to the European market. In the exhibition we are planning to show main possibilities our Map service and newest abilities to makes yield maps and GPS tracing with video. It will be very useful for agribusiness and web decision’s owners. The GISFile team will glad to see everyone there. We can introduce our service and answer all interested questions.

20-08-2015 11:24:36 AM Yield maps

Especially for agricultural companies the algorithm for the construction of yield maps is based on data which obtained at harvest using a mapping system yield has been created. Data on crop yield are loaded into user-created layer. Then you can perform spatial analysis on any selected indicator line. Users have a possibility to choose a color scheme and change the maximum value to display maps with different types of cultures and performance when displayed it. Agricultural companies are offered the opportunity to use the service to collect raster and vector data in different years with display and analysis directly on the corporate website. Users can display the yield allows and the terrain as well as the chemical composition of soils and other data.

14-08-2015 11:52:33 AM GPS trackers created by Bitrek Ukraine

The support of GPS trackers of Ukrainian manufacturer Bitrex has been added. Testing was conducted for devices BI868TREK and BI910TREK. The devices are intended for using in the vehicles. They allow you to connect external sensors. Model BI910TREK gives a possibility to connect two phone cards for stable work and cost savings. The new version of GPS servers has been based on the technology node.js This technology allows more than a million open sessions and dynamic representation of moving objects in the real time on the map.

14-07-2015 12:24:42 PM The creation of heat maps

The ability to build heat maps for layers with fields that contain integers and fractional values has been implemented. These cards can be used for the construction of yield maps which are used in precision agriculture. The button to open this card has been added in the window display the properties of the layer, opposite fields. Specifically a crash algorithm to obtain data on the link in the format: //gisfile.com/ the name of the layer/field name/json for these cards has been added. The panel to adjust display settings with dynamic updating of maps and legends is accessible for users.

10-07-2015 9:15:01 AM Jobs and careers on GISFile

The job and career are available on http://gisfile.com/job /now. Anyone can post information about his work, to specify the timing, the type, the cost of payment and choose the executor. All vacancies related with GIS, cartography, surveying, digitizing and Web development. Customers can find professionals in the field of GIS. Performers can build the career offering himself or his company as a contractor. Users have the access to the list of all vacancies, their works and proposals for performing these work. Also, the authors of the spatial information have the ability to include the information about the costs of the purchase the layer cards and their cost of use for a period of time.

06-07-2015 10:47:26 AM The integration zeminfo.com.ua with gisfile.com

The work on the integration of the website http://zeminfo.com.ua land sales without intermediaries with the service http://gisfile.com the site contains maps with the land, realized the individual requests related to the functionality and design has been finished. The editing of the features is available on GISFile and in the administration panel of the site Zeminfo. The algorithms of import and export of KML files, reflection on the map with individual settings for each object, the access of parameters to the values of the fields have been developed. The layers panel has been updated.

27-05-2015 2:38:44 PM Private and public access to GPS

The ability to enable public mode of displaying the GPS routes and involve other users to these routes has been developed. The rewind of video in the player and on the map as well as on the diagram has been added during the displaying video shooting along with GPS route. The use of a transparency for tile layers and the default mapping has been added during the displaying maps(projects). The possibility to create routes has been added in the window http://gisfile.com/map/. The first and the end point can be selected with the help of the mouse on the map or through finding the address. The possibilities of displacement, creation and delete the waypoints have been appeared.

19-05-2015 4:03:18 PM Displaying of GPS tracking with video

It is good news about the GPS tracking ... Presently you can not only connect GPS trackers on RPRS connection (TCP), but also import data in CSV, GPX and KML. The most interesting is the ability to import video shooting (OGG format is recommended). The video is displaying together with the path of movement of the machine or quadrocopter. Caching the data which displays on GPS has been added. Limits of data display and the ability to receive GPS routes through the API functions have been enhanced for use in external Web pages and applications.

28-04-2015 10:19:51 AM The selection and displacement the group of objects

The possibility of selection and displacement the group of objects as well as bind snapping to the points and the lines during the creation and editing objects has been developed. To select objects it is necessary to press the corresponding button on the toolbar and draw an area on the map with the mouse. To displacement the objects press Shift + arrow keys. To deselect the objects you need to click the place without objects. Repeated pressing of the button "Select objects" cancels the selection mode and displacement of the objects. The snap to points and lines is disabled by default. To enable it click the corresponding button on the panel.

23-04-2015 3:17:42 PM Cadastral map

Then, you can search the cadastral numbers of the land plots on the maps too http://gisfile.com/map/ In the list of search types the view "Cadastral map" allowing you to enter the inventory number in the search bar has been added. For such case you can get a brief description of the object in the national cadastral map. After clicking on the information about the founded land plot or with the help of Enter key the positioning at the location of the site is performed.

27-03-2015 10:08:51 AM Export of kml files

The API function for getting the kml files has been added. The format of the GET request: http://gisfile.com/layer/the name of the layer /kml (for receiving all objects on the layer) or: http://gisfile.com/layer/the name of the layer /kml/field name=field value (for getting the selected objects on the layer). Values: the name of the layer the layer name (Latin letters), the field name - the field name (Latin letters) and the field value. If you need to filter on multiple values, use the request format ?field name 1=value of field 1&field name 2=field value 2&field name 3=field value 3, etc.

26-03-2015 10:59:59 AM The import of KML files

The ability to import objects from kml files has been developed in the edit window layer. Field values are also imported together with the coordinates of the objects. If specify the view of objects "Mixed" in the layer options, then the import of display options for objects will also perform.

29-01-2015 10:22:18 AM JavaScript API has been developed

Using maps in external Web pages and applications becomes even easier with the help of the developed JavaScript API. Description of the features available on the page JavaScript API Create a map with a label or a layer just few clicks by using the Map Designer Developed JavaScript API allows you to display a map on your web page by adding just one line of code. Designer allows you to quickly create a label on the map with the specified type of icons and custom text to be displayed when clicking on the icon and get JavaScript code map without saving the code on the GISFile.

15-01-2015 9:33:27 AM Getting the html code of map

The interface editor has been added for the implementation of the map in the external web pages. To get html code it is necessary to use the button "Get the code card" in the parameters of the map and the button "Get the code layer" in the parameters of the layer. The editor of the interface allows to indicate the size of the map displaying, the offset and scaling of the displaying, displaying the search bar and other parameters.

12-01-2015 5:04:59 PM The window "Map" has been created

The Web-page "Map" that allows searching by address, objects and getting information about the IP address has been created. The tool "line" that allows calculating distance, perimeter and area of the figure has been added. A tool to determine your location on the map, opening the user settings and the list of layers that are created or enabled by the user has been added.

12-12-2014 10:20:41 AM The statistic of views

The statistic of profiles, groups, maps, layers and pages has been added. It is displayed in the form of total amount of web pages visited and as a graph for the last month, which is available the author only. In the top panel the ability to display all incoming and outgoing messages has been added.

23-10-2014 4:35:59 PM API geocoding values

The panels of recommendations to fill the profile and use of the service as well as a panel with recent messages from other users have been added. The API functions for searching objects by the values of the layer and the map have been created. The resource for Ajax search and positioning on the map has been added in the windows display layer and cards. The indicator of the import process as well as the information about the general and imported number of objects has been added.

12-08-2014 11:05:46 AM The list of tasks

The list of tasks for users of groups has been developed. Short and extended description of the tasks as well as its state indicates in the tasks. Users of group can add comments to tasks. The administrator of the group and a creator can change the status of the task after completing the task.

01-08-2014 2:08:11 PM The displaying of user's profile has been updated

The user profile has been updated. Presently it includes the extended information about the user, lists of the created groups, projects, layers, pages and uploaded files (profile view depends on the user settings). The last update of the service allows users to provide additional information about himself and his company with the ability to public displaying of data or only to friends. The ability to specify a right to access and display the user's profile has been added in the list of the files. The displaying of pages created by users has been added on the search page.

21-07-2014 3:10:55 PM The cadastral map of Ukraine

Mapping of the lands, maps 1:100,000 and ortho-photographic plans of the national land cadastre have been added in the list of base layers. Then, service remembers the base layer selected by user and selects it at the next displaying. The ability to select the coordinate system for the automatic conversion to WGS 84 has been added in the import window. The page of help to users and the list of links have been updated.

10-07-2014 1:14:04 PM Urban cadastre

The creation of the urban cadastres on the base of gisfile.com is already becoming a reality today. The advantages of using are the speed of formation of GEO-information maps and plans, in the editing information via a Web interface, GIS 6, MapDraw 2 as well as through API functions. Integration with the national development has been adapted to the laws of Ukraine which does not have any analogues and allows combining lands and architecture, BTI, utilities, energy specialists and gas service and other organizations with distributed access rights into the indivisible network. Technology gisfile.com can be used by everybody on all public resource and it can be installed on regional and city servers. Except map information urban structures can use the tools for document management and GPS navigation objects. Thanks to using the technology gisfile.com local councils and community organizations can make operational decisions together which are based on GEO-spatial data.

02-07-2014 11:35:49 AM Descriptions and presentation

The page of help for users has been added on the website gisfile.com. The descriptions of the registration of new user, the presentation of capabilities and the connection of GIS 6 program to the service gisfile.com are on the page.

12-06-2014 2:50:22 PM The connection of tile layers

The service of transforming the raster images into a set of tiles has been created. The ability to create layers and connection tiles to layer has been developed. Tile layer can be displayed on the gisfile.com, connected into GIS 6 and MapDraw2 in the layer "Internet map" as well as in the JavaScript and other developments.

24-05-2014 2:50:42 PM GIS 6 and MapDraw 2 are connected to gisfile.com

The adaptation of GIS 6 and MapDraw 2 with the service gisfile.com has been performed. The mechanism of authorized access to data has been developed. It gives the opportunity to work with personal and permitted layers, automatically load and obtain the archives of the land plots as well as send the copies of the screen.

22-05-2014 5:43:45 PM The formation of tiles to projects

The formation of the trail to projects allowing the use of projects as trail layer has been developed. The mask for the connection of the project in JavaScript: http://www.gisfile.com/tile/project name/{z}/{x}/{y}.png. For connection into GIS 6 (MapDraw 2): http://www.gisfile.com/tile/рrоject name/%zoom%/%x%/%y%.png. The support of GPS trackers Ukrainian manufacturer Elgato has been added.

15-05-2014 3:31:17 PM The localization has been updated

The localization of the pages, the rules of the access and editing the layers of the service http://www.gisfile.com have been updated. The page of displaying the trails has been updated. The support for GPS trackers Queclink has been added.

30-04-2014 2:49:58 PM About the service

Free registration for the service http://www.gisfile.com is open. Then, everyone who wants can join to the new community of GEO-information technologies, create groups, projects and layers. Users can import data from SHP files (temporary coordinate system WGS 84) as well as include public or private access to data, appoint administrators, publishing news, comments and post likes. The possibility of creation own pages, uploading images and files is provided. The opportunity of free connection the GPS trackers from GlobalSat company has been added. Testing of devices BCE, Queclink and Teltonika is expected. The Web designer display of layers in the project and filter data have been created. Then, the service allows creating spatial info-graphics very quickly.

24-04-2014 2:47:09 PM GPS navigation

The prototype of GPS navigation for objects that will available on the resource http://www.gisfile.com has been developed. Reception of data is carried out of TCP and HTTP protocols. Presently, the line of automotive and personal GPS trackers GlobalSat Company is supported. The user can connect multiple GPS trackers and allow the view to other users. Free options of every tracker and the speed of schedule are in the window of displaying the GPS navigation.

26-01-2014 2:35:19 PM GIS Files

ShelS Web Server is moved to the new domain name http://gisfile.com. The adaptation with the Internet Explorer has been performed in the new version of the service. The sorting in the editor (on the top of the new list) has been improved. The store of the numeric values (if not filled) have been cleaned up. The buttons to display and edit layer (layer list) have been added in the window of displaying the project. The ability to filter the display of objects on a layer in the project has been added.

22-01-2014 2:29:22 PM Examples

The auto-positioning in the Windows of displaying and editing the objects in the layer list (the window of projects) have been added. The custom layers with the ability to enable and disable their visibility have been added. The page of examples has been updated. The fields with the additional information about the layers, figure, view layer and the flag of the publicity have been added in the layer options. The possibilities of creating and editing polygon and line features have been added in the window of editing objects.

26-12-2013 2:27:09 PM The Map of Ukraine

The ability to display on the single map the list of layers with displaying settings created by set user has been performed. The options of displaying can be specify in the body of a GET request or in the link in the JSON format. The support of projects has been created. The administrator can indicate the settings of displaying layers there. In this case the user should specify a project name to display the map with the specified administrator settings. The possibility of creating new layers for administrator has been connected. The brief description of the drawing layers, connecting layers in GIS 6 and MapDraw2 as well as API functions with JavaScript examples have been added.

09-12-2013 2:22:18 PM ShelS Web Server

The demonstration of the SHELS Web server allowing expanding the range of use of geo-information systems for a variety of tasks, from statistical geo-spatial information to build scalable inventories has been added. The uniqueness of the solution is the integration with GIS 6 and MapDraw 2. It allows to create new layers, change the spatial and semantic information and transmit the existing data from other formats. Moreover, it is possible to perform in a local area network using layer "MS SQL geometry" and through the Internet connection using the SHELS Web server. The objects in the layers can correct a wide variety of users at the same time. Semantic information can be displayed on the figure and to use for shading depending on field values. Access to the information is performed using a set of Rest API functions. The exchange of the information performed via the Http Protocol in Json format.