GISFile - is an Open Source Mapping service that allows users to create their own maps rapidly. Used to fill and share with other users layers of spatial data. The service provides the ability to import data, and create and edit objects using the Web editor.

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GISFile is a free mapping service for non-commercial and commercial use but the commercial use is limited by plans. Company GISFile provides all users open JavaScript the source code for free use under the license BSD on GitHub.

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Access to spatial data

GISFile has API functions to display JSON of objects, get information about selected objects, finding objects. API URL allows you to use the tiles of raster layers and automatically generate tiles of vector layers to display them on the map in a Web page or application. Web designer gives the opportunity to quickly obtain a code for the use of maps in the Web solutions.

In order to accelerate the process of mapping objects and simplify its use in external programs developed by JSONP algorithm. Script allows you to perform background downloading and display of all objects, downloading and display in the specified scales, downloading only objects visible area on the map for a given group of objects (identifiers). JavaScript also allows you to connect your logic to styles display the objects, pop-ups and designations.

Maps for the Web-solutions

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Visual check of imposition of exchange of files 

In the window Map developed the ability to download and display the exchange of files of cadastral information XML, IN4 and the files in the format GPX, KMZ, KML and CSV. For visual check imposition the exchange of files of inventory information XML or IN4 just click "Load local files". Import of data from exchange of files also available in the editor of layers.

For the exchange files are displayed districts, sectors, lands and the direction of neighboring areas. By clicking on the polygon displays all descriptors describe the information block. Improved projection allows more accurate display sectors on the cadastral map and to conduct visual check imposition.

Public map

Video - loading of exchange files

Checking of exchange files Xml and In4Lie of the ground

Lie of the ground

Create a layer with lie of the ground section 5 meters, and developed the ability to get the value of height for every point by coordinates based on the SRTM of data.  Displaying of the relief is available for external applications through URL masks{z}/{x}/{y}.png, obtaining values of height at JSON format is available through GET request &lat=Latitude, where Longitude - longitude and Latitude - latitude in a coordinate system WGS84

Agro manufacturers

Developed integration of service with hardware Raven and Trimbl designed for precision farming, namely the precise application of fertilizers and chemicals, landing and monitoring yields. Now the data can be transmitted from the appliance to the service for further analysis, and vice versa - sending of data from service on the appliance. Import of data occurs in shp format, which is supported by the equipment. For obtaining point and line of data on the movement of the tractor with equipment adds the ability to auto conversion polygonal objects and performance of exports points and routes moving in shp format. In addition, the spatial information about objects can also be saved in the Kml, Shp, GeoJson, Json and Csv formats.

Service has the capability of constructing maps land of trial an agrochemical survey. The algorithm performs an analysis of values for selected indicators of land of trial K2O, Mg, P2O5, pH. A result of analyzing are formed graphics, tiles and JSON file from characteristics of surveys, that are shown in the graph. Access to the data obtained can be carried in the external Web solutions to display on the map and generate reports.

Precision Farming

Agrochemical surveyYields maps


Team GISFile

We help to solve spatial tasks. Integrate maps in Web pages and programs perform the development of GIS servers for enterprise customers, and create a unique mapping solutions.

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