Have in view of! For creating the layers you should be registered on the website http://gisfile.com. (how to do this, read in the blog «Registration on the site») and enter your login and password.

For creation a new layer on the top menu select «Service» and «Layers».

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In the list of layers, click «Create».

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Preferences window parameters of the new layer «Parameters of layer». In the field «Name» enter the name of future layer. Use for this only Latin characters, numbers, and underscore!

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In the field «View of object» you can choose the type of vector layer which are you going to use. The view «Points» means that the layer will have only point objects. The view «Lines» has only line objects. The view «Polygons» has only polygonal objects. But the type «Mixed» can have any objects.

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In the field «Header» specify the full name of the layer. In this field you can use the Cyrillic alphabet for the clarity.

In the field «Key words» specify words separated by commas which can help you to find this layer in the search.

In the field «Description» write the characterization of its layer, describe it, what terrain does it displays, what quality of raster, zoom does it have, etc.

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In the field «Parameters» you can write the commands which will set the parameters of displaying the layer or actions with it. Read more detail information about this in the blog for developers http://gisfile.com/develop.htm.

Have in view of! You should create the project for using the parameters of displaying the layer.

You need not fill the field «Parameters» at the moment because all actions can be performed in the parameters of the project.

If set the checkbox «Public view», it will mean that this layer will use by all interested persons including not registered users. If the checkbox will not stand there, the layer will be able to see only the users that you will allow to connect.

If set the checkbox «Public editing», it will mean that all interested persons will be able to modify or add objects of this layer. If the checkbox will not stand there it will mean that only those users who you allow this access will can change the layer.

After making all of necessary data click «Save» to save the changes and close the window.

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So, in your list of layers will be a new vector layer where you can import shp-files, draw or work with him in the program GIS 6.